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In the Studio

Venezia B  24X36" Oil on Portrait Linen

Displayed here to show scale.

I  apologize for not keeping this site up to date as I have been virtually locked in my studio (and workshop) save for a trip to Vienna and its great museums early in 2020.  Major projects underway and some I wish to keep hidden until exhibition.  Work comes first.

This website has a new host.  I dumped my previous website host, ONE.com which had cut my published web pages down to five pages without notice a couple months after signing on, repeatedly tried to bill me for a domain that I owned and unilaterally imposed 'upgrades' in plans of no value to me.  Finally doubling the cost (tripling the original price).  Enough of thieir sleezebag business practices.  Bye-bye one.com and good riddance.

A word of advice: register your domain with an independent TLD Registry and avoid email accounts tied to web hosts.  That way you can change hosts with minimum disruption.

John Whittingham

March 6 2020

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Above:  Untitled,  24 X 48" Oil on Canvas